Complete Elrathia Trilobites
Rough Rock
We have a few options available for rough rock. Rough stone comes straight from the quarry uncut and unaltered.
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Rough Dugway Geodes
Dugway Geodes - $5 per pound
Composed of ryolite and quartz. These beautiful hollow geodes were
formed from volcanic activity. Over thousands of years, the trapped gas inside the cavity and
moisture seepage caused continual crystal formation to grow. Dugways occur from 1 inch to 12
inches in diameter. They are found in
western Juab Co., UT.
Snowflake Obsidian (Millard County, UT) - (2"-4" pieces) - $2 per pound
Rough Snowflake Obsidian
Rough Snowflake Obsidian
Snowflake obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic
glass containing white "snowflake" inclusions of the
mineral Cristobalite. Snowflake obsidian is found in
Utah and Wyoming.
Zebra Stone (Millard County, UT) - $2 per pound
Rough Zebra Stone
Rough Zebra Stone
Zebra Stone is a marble with contrasting
layers of black and white thus giving it
the name Zebra Stone. The stone is
found in Millard Co., UT.
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