Who We Are


Family Owned and Operated since 1970! 

The Bug House is a family owned and operated business that has been providing quality rocks, minerals and fossils to individuals and dealers for over 50 years! 

We have had the opportunity to do business with the wholesale trade and retail side of the mineral and fossil world.  (For wholesale inquiries, please see the "Wholesale" page for more details.)

The business began with collecting Trilobites nearby in the West Desert close to our home in Delta, Utah. The Trilobite was nicknamed 'Bug' by early collectors (and is still used today by dealers and collectors alike). This is where The 'Bug' House name originated. (Although we have often been mistaken for an exterminator, the only “Bugs” we deal with here are the approximate 550-million-year-old ones.) Trilobites are continually mined in our quarry throughout the year.

Besides the Trilobite Fossil, The Bug House has expanded its product line to include many lapidary hand cut, free formed and beautifully polished items. We specialize in cutting and polishing many Utah rocks:  Septarian, Wonderstone, Calcite, Zebra and Picasso marble. Our product line also includes Educational Collections.

Each year The Bug House mines Septarian geodes. They are found 20 to sometimes 60 feet below the Earth’s surface. It takes weeks to get down to them. Once they are mined, the Septarians are brought to the lapidary shop, a 4 hour drive. Here a myriad of cut and polished products are skillfully created from them. Each item being an original one-of-a-kind design.

Through the years, many of our customers have become good friends.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the Fossil and Mineral Shows that we attend each year.  Our Company appreciates the support and the business that we receive from the great Fossil and Mineral community!

The Bug House Rock Shop is located in Delta, Utah at 350 East 300 South. Here at the Rock Shop are many fun and interesting rock, fossil and mineral items, as well as a yard full of rough rock.

For a fun filled day, come visit the Delta area.....prime rock-hounding country.  Maps and instructions are found at the Rock Shop at 350 East 300 South, Delta, Utah.

Two rewarding fee dig areas nearby include: U-Dig Fossils and Topaz Mountain Adventures.

*Our family would like to give a special tribute to Loy Crapo, our Dad, who started this business and worked hard to see it succeed. His sudden passing has left a huge void in our lives. His legacy continues on with us each day as we continue to run the family business.