1 3/8" Complete Trilobite on Matrix Shale

Asaphiscus Wheeleri Trilobite Complete 1 3/8 inch

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*Authentic, High Quality 1 3/8 inch Asaphiscus Wheeleri Complete Trilobite Fossil on an approximate 2.5" tall x 3" wide x 3/4" deep cut shale to stand on it's own. 

*Information Card Included.

*Trilobite from the Cambrian Period Found in the Utah West Desert.

*Most trilobites found in the West Desert of Utah are anywhere from under a 1/2" to 1 1/8" tall.  The larger the trilobite after 1 1/8", the more rare the find, especially found on a nice size matrix shale and the trilobite near the center. 

*Asaphiscus Wheeleri Trilobites are a more Rare find than the Common Elrathia Kingi.

*Trilobites (meaning "Three-Lobed"), first appeared In Our Oceans About 550 Million Years Ago Before Going Extinct around 240 Million Years Ago.